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Securing Your Legacy

If you are one of the approximately 55 percent of Americans who do not have a Last Will and Testament or an estate plan, you risk leaving your family without guidance at best and leaving a legacy of conflict and frayed family bonds at worst. Estate Planning means defining your wishes and preparing for the future. Estate Planning can be as simple as having a Last Will and Testament laying out your wishes for those you care most about. Failing to have an Estate Plan in place means having your family forced to navigate Texas' intestacy laws. If you don't make a Will, the State of Texas will give you one with far more hiccups than you might hope for.  With minimal planning, you can save your loved ones the time and expense of probate including through planning with Revocable Living Trusts.


Representing With Respect

A Will is nothing more than pieces of paper with no legal effect until a Court orders otherwise. Probate is the act of having a Last Will and Testament recognized in court as valid and binding. Even a well laid out estate plan may require navigating the courts so that an estate can be properly administered by an Executor or Administrator. Whether you are the Executor of a taxable estate, picking up the pieces in the absence of a Will, or seeking to enforce your rights as a beneficiary we are here to help you navigate this process. Even the best laid plans may not prevent litigation involving a loved one's estate. For those difficult situations, our attorneys are here to guide you through.


Succession Planning

You may have built your business into a powerhouse or just be starting your small business. Business formation and management pose unique challenges. Business law includes adhering to state and federal laws regarding governance and taxation of business entities as well as planning for succession so that your business legacy can live on. Business law includes a cross-section of issues from structuring relationships between partners, protecting yourself against business liabilities, and allowing for optimal tax-savings.


Mishandling of Remains

Funeral homes hold a special position of trust in communities to respectfully handle the funeral and burial or cremation of loved ones. Unfortunately, some families grieving through an already difficult moment are met with unimaginable trauma when a funeral home fails to live up to this expectation. Whether the result of incompetence, greed, or abuse, Texas law recognizes that outrageous behavior by a funeral home is inexcusable. If you have been harmed by the actions of a funeral home neglecting their duty, you may be able to recover compensation for the lifelong mental anguish suffered.